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Announcement: SmartTrans Holdings Limited now Orcoda Limited

ORCODA - Operational Efficiency Specialists

We are excited to announce that, effective 7 August 2018, our company activities and company name have changed:
Old name: SmartTrans Holdings Limited (ASX: SMA)
New name: Orcoda Limited (ASX: ODA)
(ASX: ODA Should be quoting on the ASX from about 21 August 2018)

Our new name reflects our operations as a fully-fledged and focused logistics business and allows us to incorporate our three divisions into one business, including the services that we are now able to offer thanks to the Resource Connect merger, which occurred on 7 March 2018. The Company has undergone significant reinvestment into our refined direction, and we have also undertaken a complete strategic rebranding. On 7 August 2018, shareholders voted on the new company name, Orcoda, which is an abbreviation - or ‘portmanteau’ - of our newly refocused corporate mission, that is to ORganise COnnected DAta.

In terms of our three key areas of activity going forward:

  • Transport Logistics: we will continue to assist transport fleets to become more efficient than would be possible using non-automated allocation methods. We are able to do this through the implementation of clever software applications and skilled managed services.
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  • Healthcare Logistics: we bring together our people management and asset management applications to provide a new service for community transport and transport for NDIS clients with disabilities. The optimisation of people and vehicle assets allows community transport, not-for-profit firms, to operate without financial loss under the new NDIS reimbursement scheme.
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  • Resource Logistics: we assist mine operators and resources sector firms to radically improve the management of complex logistics for their “fly in and fly out” workers, who arrive and depart frequently. Our Resource Logistics division also offers a managed service to provide an efficient mine shutdown process during scheduled maintenance.
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Our new internet address will be Please be assured that our old SmartTrans addresses will continue to work for three months while we transition to the new domain name.

The company will continue to operate in its current structure. Other than these external changes, there are no changes to report. Our office locations - including our mailing, billing and shipping addresses and phone numbers remain unchanged.

Yours sincerely,
Brendan Mason
Managing Director